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We have been busy working with Steve Suderman, Director of “Beyond the Spectrum: A Family’s Year Confronting Autism” in providing content for the documentary webpage. Also we have been preparing resources with the input from our partners, all experienced in various fields of study surrounding Autism, covering a multitude of Diets, and Therapies. We have a variety of Topics that we are currently working on (See the list below). Please sign-up and select the Topics that you are interested in. We are also busy completing a “General Guide to Autism for New Parents”. If you sign-up you will be notified as soon as it is ready.

Friends of “The Muddy Path”

Jackie McMillan was featured in the documentary Beyond the Spectrum” and has been a great resource for our family on diet and health!  Check out Jackie’s website Thrive with Autism here:


Jordyn Pallet is a close friend of The Muddy Path family.  He is an extraordinary young teen who has become an inspirational advocate for those on the Spectrum who are non-speaking or minimally speaking.  Check out his weekly blog series called Jordyn’s Rocky Journey where he talks about what it is like to be in an uncontrollable body!  You can find his website here:

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