Hi, I’m Carly, and I am a stay at home mom to 5 “fantabulously” creative and active kids. Both my boys are on the Autism spectrum, my older son now healthy, fully verbal and an amazing computer coder. My younger son is only a few years into his Autism journey and is still receptively and expressively non-verbal. He has many sensory issues as well as major motor planning issues.

Before my younger son’s official diagnosis we started filming what we were doing as well as his progress compared to his twin sister. Realizing we were way in over our heads with making anything watchable (except for family – they HAVE to watch right??!!) we searched for a director. Found a great one, he, in turn, found a production company and the rest is history.

You can see the trailer for the full feature HERE.

I really hope that the film can give a first hand account of what happens behind closed doors after an Autism diagnosis. Hopefully parents, therapists, doctors and teachers can learn a bit more from our ups and downs that first year. We also have interviews from Temple Grandin and Jackie McMillan (adults on the Autism spectrum) as well as clips that help shed some light on what may be happening with our younger son.

I want to share my experiences with Autism, food, health, homeschooling and bits here and there about my past battle with Ulcerative Colitis (an autoimmune disease that lead to 2 major surgeries). I will also share my personal experiences with starting over, shifting your life towards the positive and how I keep it all together. Ok, that last one actually hasn’t happened yet, but you will be the first to know when I figure it all out!! ☺

So come with me on the Muddy Path, and hopefully you will learn something and teach me something new too! We all have something to share and add to the conversation… lots of love and caring on this side of the table… please do the same so we can all grow together in a positive and meaningful way!

I’m hoping to advocate for all those moms of Super Awesome Kids, so that they may better advocate for the special needs of their SA Kids! You need to know you are not alone on this journey, I have been there before as well as many remarkable pioneer Autism parents. I am on the same journey again with you… we will do this together and help our children to their ultimate potential – they will surprise and amaze you I can guarantee it!! Let’s have some laughs along with the daily struggles… and as Joseph Campbell says “find the life that is waiting for you!” Trust me it can be amazing if we just head there together on the Muddy Path.

Ted is our 13 yr old son who loves coding, astronomy and all things minecraft.


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Liv is our 15 yr old daughter who loves drawing, crafting and her 2 adorable mutts.


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and I’m Stef.  I love cars, designing machines and painting.


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